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Technical Specification Group Service & System Aspects, Working Group 3 on Security and Privacy, Subcommittee on Lawful Intercept | SA3-LI

SA3-LI provides requirements and specifications for facilitating lawful interception in 3GPP systems. Lawful interception is a security process in which a service provider or network operator is legally obligated to collect and provide law enforcement with intercepted communications of private individuals or organisations. However, technical features that enable lawful interception can be abused by state actors or exploited by malicious actors. In recent years, the main actors involved in influencing and shaping these standards, other than companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, have been governments primarily from Europe, North America, and their respective national law enforcement agencies. Other actors participating in this subcommittee include telecommunication infrastructure providers, network providers, cybersecurity companies, network equipment providers and consulting groups working on behalf of governments.

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Technical Specification Service and System Aspects - Security and Privacy representation