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The European Committee for Standardization | CEN and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization | CENELEC

CEN and CENELEC are two distinct standards organisations in Europe responsible for the development of standards and technical reports across various sectors. They collaborate on a broad range of technical standards in various fields, from optical fibre cables, to energy management, to IT service management. Both organisations are officially recognised as European Standards Organizations (ESOs). As such, they have a mandate to develop ICT standards and support for European regulations and legislation through the development of Harmonised European Standards. If a manufacturer wants to enter its product into the EU Single Market, it must comply with certain minimum safety and procedural requirements set in Harmonised European Standards. CEN and CENELEC also contextualise ISO/IEC standards to be applied to the European context. Civil society can participate by paying dues and becoming a member of three designated member organisations that represent consumer, environmental, and societal interests: ANEC, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) , and the Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS). ANEC, ETUC, and ECOS experts participate with equal rights in CEN and CENELEC working groups. However, their participation is more restricted in technical committees, where, as observers, they are prevented from influencing final decisions on standards and technical reports. Alternatively, civil society can participate through national standards bodies (NSBs) representing the interests of countries in the region. NSBs have influence over final decisions related to CEN/CENELEC standards and technical reports.

Working groups in this organisation

Joint Technical Committee 21 Artificial Intelligence representation

Technical Committee 224 - Working Group 18 Personal Identification representation