Internet Standards Almanac

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute | ETSI

ETSI is a European organisation responsible for developing standards related to telecommunications, broadcasting, and other electronic communication networks and services. It only accepts organisations as members, and individual contributors must be affiliated with and represent a member organisation. ETSI is officially recognised as a European Standards Organization (ESO). As such, it has a mandate to develop ICT standards and support for European regulations and legislation through the development of Harmonised European Standards. If a manufacturer wants to enter its product into the EU Single Market, it must comply with certain minimum safety and procedural requirements set in Harmonised European Standards. ETSI is also a regional partner organisation of the 3GPP. Non-profit organisations can apply to become a member of ETSI by paying an annual €2000 fee.

Working groups in this organisation

Industry Specification Group on Securing Artificial Intelligence representation

Technical Committee for Intelligent Transport Systems representation

Technical Committee for Cybersecurity representation

Technical Committee for Lawful Interception representation