Internet Standards Almanac

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | IEEE

The IEEE develops a wide range of international standards for modern telecommunication hardware, including standards for networks that allow devices to connect to the internet, such as Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. IEEE also works on standards for robotics, smart cities, and artificial intelligence. While you can follow IEEE working groups as an observer, you must be a member to actively contribute to building standards. Individuals can become either student or professional members by paying annual dues. However, even for members, finding information can be challenging. Moreover, certain working groups may require advanced corporate membership or approval from the chairs to join, even as an observer.

Working groups in this organisation

802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee representation

Biometric Information Testing Working Group representation

Biometrics Open Protocol Working Group representation

Communication Electroacoustics Working Group representation

Digital Identity Working Group representation

Engineering Methodologies for Ethical Life-Cycle Concerns Working Group representation

Face Recognition Working Group representation

Machine Readable Privacy Terms Working Group representation

Robustness of Artificial Intelligence-based Service Working Group representation