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Decentralized Internet Infrastructure | DIRNG

DINRG aims to research use cases, requirements, and best practices to decentralise core internet infrastructure and related protocols, such as the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP). RDAP allows users to access the current website registration data in a secure manner by encrypting the data between the server and client. Internet registrars are mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to implement RDAP. With internet infrastructure services – such as web hosting providers and content delivery networks – becoming more centralised among a smaller number of companies, the entire network becomes dependent on a single point of failure, creating the risk that if a single provider is compromised, a large number of websites will go offline simultaneously and limit peoples’ ability to access or disseminate information. Decentralised networks can bypass censorship, as peers interact directly rather than through centralised infrastructure providers that control information flows.

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